Mission Beach Cassowaries's Diary

Mission Beach is a high biodiversity area situated between the World Heritage  Wet Tropics and the Great Barrier Reef.  It has has exceptionally high scenic values with the rainforest growing down to the sea, pristine beaches and offshore islands. Mission Beach supports the highest density of the endangered Cassowary in Australia. The Cassowary is a major part of the Mission Beach identity. Cassowaries continue to die on the roads at an average rate of four a year at Mission Beach alone.

Visit the Save the Cassowary website.

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Simon Mustoe on March 21, 2011 about Cassowary Sightings Bike Log #9

It sounds like you may be entering the wrong password. The cyclone won't have affected us as our servers are in the US ; ) So if this is the case, go to this link (paste this in your browser) http://qld.tnq-birding.wildiaries.com/forgot_password Enter your details and you should receive an email, from where you can enter a new password. Any problems, respond to this email and I'll reset things for you. Regards, Simon.

Mission Beach Cassowaries on March 21, 2011 about Cassowary Sightings Bike Log #9

Previously Jeff was logging observations using my user id and since all internet has been restored post-Yasi - the system won't let him in. He has just applied for separate log-in but his posts will not follow those done already?

Alan McBride on March 19, 2011 about Cassowary Sightings Bike Log #9

Yes, I noticed the cyclone ;-) So glad you're house is still good and I can't imagine the damage up there. Love the Cassowary posts though and a quick update with maybe one photo of the damage would be very interesting. Wishing you well..... Alan

Mission Beach Cassowaries on March 19, 2011 about Cassowary Sightings Bike Log #9

aha - yes, dealing with TC Yasi has taken up a fair bit of time as it went right over our house (amazingly left it standing). Jeff has a few sightings and photos since but has not yet found time to enter them. don't worry, we'll get back to it!

Alan McBride on March 18, 2011 about Cassowary Sightings Bike Log #9

Hi, Any news lately on the Cassowaries up there? It was good for us to promote a lot when you were posting regularly;-) Cheers Alan