Cassowary Sightings Bike Log #7

November 19, 2010

Cassowary's sighted mid afternoon on 19 Nov 2010

 Family of 3 Cassowary..male and 2 stripeys

First family of cassowary seen crossing Tully/Mission Beach road from west to east coming out of Tam-O-Shanter National Park.  Birds crossed road then turned north for about 200mtrs before crossing back over the road (traffic had stopped) and heading back into rainforest.  This happened about a half mile from Sellars Banana farm that is close to the Lindsay road turn off into Carmoo.  It was abouit 3:15pm.

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 Bikini Tree Cassowary

Saw a male and two stripeys waiting to cross Tully/Mission Beach road, but there was a lot of traffic at this time of day (abouit 3:30pm--schools out). When I first noticed the male I didn't see the chicks because then blended in so well into the bush.  I watched the birds for about 10 minutes before the male decided that they would retreat back into forest rather than try crossing the busy road.  All three looked in very good health.

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Land Birds 1 species
Southern Cassowary (Casuarius casuarius) 6 Total includes 1 male adult and 2 young stripey chicks; Male and two chicks



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